New peer-reviewed findings published in JMIR Diabetes reveals that an artificial intelligence (AI) health coaches is just as effective as in-person weight loss programs, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-led National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), a clinically-proven weight loss program focused on type 2 diabetes prevention.

The peer-reviewed research suggests AI has comparable results to the Diabetes Prevention Program by observing Lark, an AI chronic disease platform that brings unlimited, one-on-one chronic disease prevention and management to payors and employers. Lark’s AI Health Coach monitors a patient’s health through phone sensors and integrated health devices, then mimics nurses’ empathetic counseling through text-based communication. For example, if you wake up in the middle of the night craving a treat, Lark can steer you towards a healthier option.

Study Findings & Results

Participants in the study could have unlimited coaching sessions with Lark. They averaged 103 individual coaching sessions over the course of the study. Users lost an average of 2.4 kg (or 2.4 percent body weight), compared with an average of 2.32 kg reported in a DPP meta-analysis of 22 lifestyle intervention studies with in-person components. Additionally, the percentage of healthy meals eaten increased by 31 percent. Patients were engaged with their health coach and reported a satisfaction score of 87 out of 100.

The longitudinal study observed weight loss, changes in meal quality, and app acceptability among 239 overweight (body mass index ≥ 25) patients who used the Lark Weight Loss Health Coach, which encourages weight loss through elements of cognitive behavioral therapy. The Lark AI Health Coach monitors a patient’s health through phone sensors and integrated health devices, and then mimics nurses’ empathetic counseling through casual conversations that use text-based communication and other interactive elements.

Lark is the only fully-AI driven Diabetes Prevention Program recognized by CDC, and was designed by leading behavior change experts and health faculty from Harvard and Stanford. Its AI chronic disease solution was developed over the past six years through 355 million interactions with a million patients. Lark is available to patients anytime, anywhere, and is infinitely scalable. With this ease of use, Lark has engaged 83 percent of DPP-eligible patients within 72 hours of being referred to its AI platform. This year, Lark became the first AI-led DPP to be fully reimbursable with a CPT code.

The full study, “A Fully Automated Conversational Artificial Intelligence for Weight Loss: Longitudinal Observational Study Among Overweight and Obese Adults” is available at

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