By | July 13, 2017

For the past few years, Google has been experimenting with AI technology with a project called DeepMind. Now the tech giant has developed AI that has taught itself to walk, and the result are as hilarious as they are scary.

There are three models, one with two legs, one with four and a full human-shaped model. They were each programmed to go from points A to B and equipped with sensors that gave them location information, but programmers didn’t teach them to walk or show examples of walking.

To fulfill their tasks, the robots had to basically reinvent walking, but the results are pretty similar to how we do it — just with a little more arm flailing. The video is impressive, with the AI even able to jump, keep its balance and go over obstacles, though it did take a couple falls.

Watch the video above to see our robot overlords take their very first steps.

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