By Sohil Shah, DHIT Staff Writer

As part of its mission to bring together diverse stakeholders from the healthcare, technology, investor, research, business and entrepreneurial communities to play a role in driving the digital health revolution here in North Carolina, DHIT’s Digital Health Happy Hours are fast becoming a popular forum for networking and sharing healthcare problems and solutions.

Held on the third Wednesday of every month, Digital Health Happy Hours are an opportunity to make connections and find like-minded collaborators and talent in the burgeoning digital health community. The monthly venues alternate between Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, with HQ Raleigh, American Underground, and the newly expanded Launch Chapel Hill providing stimulating environments for debating, sharing, and collaborating.

The event itself is centered around a simple format of a pop-up speaker sharing a current digital health topic invigorated with additional, lively discussion by attendees to create a communal environment of information sharing and networking. Previous speakers have included Don Turner, Global Head of Commercialization at IBM Watson Health, who gave a dynamic talk on how similar ecosystems are formed and the lessons to be learned from past failures. Digital Health Happy Hours provide an energizing and convenient way to bring digital health industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and the provider community together to learn and share their ideas in an atmosphere that encourages collaborative thinking. Attendees have expressed excitement about walking away with new relationships and a renewed sense of community.

Companies looking to join and catalyze the digital health revolution are encouraged to help sponsor Happy Hours in return for key benefits including breakthrough access to emerging digital health opportunities, increasing brand awareness through onsite and online promotional activities, and asset creation for corporate use, among others.

With more than 150 people on average registering per event, 60% new attendees per event, and 40% willing to travel long-distance, the Digital Health Happy Hour has positioned itself as a key focal point to inspiring and accelerating digital health innovation within the Triangle and beyond.

Join us for our next event on Wednesday September 20th at Launch Chapel Hill.