This year’s eMerge Americas Startup Showcase Early Stage Venture top prize was awarded to chirrp, Inc. for its innovative and dynamic AI-based conversation platform.

The annual eMerge Americas conference, now in its fourth year, was held in Miami from June 10-13, and provides a platform for the advancement of technology, a forum for exchanging ideas, and a launch pad for innovation connecting Latin America, North America, and Europe. Chirrp was selected as the winner of the Early Stage Venture category by a panel of judges comprised of industry executives and venture capitalists from a pool of nearly 200 entries for this year’s award.

Chirrp is a multichannel conversational platform that uses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver engaging interactions to customers. Chirrp provides solutions to key challenges for enterprises, from building stronger customer relationships and brand loyalty to driving additional revenue through upselling, using predictive and prescriptive capabilities. The platform reduces the costs of delivering customer service, support and communications while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“Today’s customers don’t want to be tied up on a phone call or limited by restrictive business hours; they need answers anytime, anywhere. They are moving beyond email and web, adopting chat and voice technologies, and demonstrating a preference for convenient, timely and relevant communications. Engaging consumers where they are now, via their preferred channel, should be a top priority for enterprises who want to build a loyal customer base by delivering compelling brand experiences. Our platform enables organizations to do just that,” says Mallesh Murugesan, Co-founder and CEO of chirrp, Inc.

Murugesan and his partners at Bluedoor Inc., a North Carolina-based digital health accelerator, came up with the idea for chirrp while working with IBM Watson® technology. They realized that the limitations of current communication tools could be addressed through a flexible, intelligent framework. Their concept resulted in, a sophisticated multichannel chatbot that uses machine learning and structured questioning to develop a personalized profile of each user, and continues to improve its understanding of each user, their attitudes, behaviors and needs, as they engage with the platform over time.

At the eMerge Americas conference, the chirrp team showcased the flexibility of the platform which can be used in any industry: from healthcare, financial services and tourism, to real estate, education, government and more – and on any messaging platform, including Facebook Messenger, Google IM, Skype, Slack, or simple SMS.

Murugesan expressed his passion about chirrp: “We are excited about the possibilities of this multichannel platform. We believe that the more engaged your customers are with each interaction, the better you can serve them and build brand retention and loyalty.”


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eMerge Americas is the platform for the advancement of technology, a forum for exchanging ideas, and a launch pad for innovation connecting Latin America, North America, and Europe. With a clear mission of establishing Miami as the tech hub of the Americas, eMerge Americas has made its mark on the technology scene in a relatively short space of time. Once the idea was conceived, the Technology Foundation of the Americas was created to help advance the tech ecosystem. Now in its fourth year, Miami’s homegrown tech conference is building momentum, attracting a global audience, and connecting investors with innovators. For more information visit

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