Bluedoor partners with established companies to grow their business in the digital health space by leveraging the latest technologies and our extensive business development network. Clients have benefitted from our strategic innovation and network of relationships with Tier 1 health systems, opening the door to new business and joint venture opportunities across the health and care space.

Solution Design + Innovation

We can help you embed design thinking principles in your organization that foster a culture of innovation.

Product Development

We can help you develop and prototype new products and services for the digital health age.

Growth Strategies

We can help you develop strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the digital health space.

Business Development

We can connect you to the right partners for piloting and joint-venture opportunities.

SPOTLIGHT :: Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning (DR), recently named among the top 10 most innovative companies in data science by Fast Company, builds cognitive computing software that understands human language and simulates human thought processes using an array of technologies. More than 80% of healthcare data is unstructured and therefore currently untapped. DR can automatically extract meaning from unstructured data at scale, such as clinical notes, dictation, emails and imaging, and combine it with structured data sources, such as patient records, claims data, and facilities data, to improve safety and quality at the point of care, increase efficiency, and reduce risk and cost. Bluedoor is working with Digital Reasoning to pilot their cognitive computing engine within major healthcare providers to reduce sepsis rates, uncover incidental findings in radiology reports, predict cancer from pathology reports, and auto-populate registries to meet MACRA requirements. 

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