Is there really the best way to use a pocket vagina? Seems pretty self explanatory. Insert cock, thrust, cum, clean, done. The reality is that there are plenty of tips on how to use a pocket vagina to make your experience more enjoyable, realistic and comfortable.

If you’re wondering how Pocket Vagina works, this user guide will answer any questions you’ve ever asked. This is the most complete pocket vagina tutorial available, explaining how pocket vaginas work, instructions on how to properly clean and store them to keep the toy soft and supple for a long time.

When it comes to products that enhance the experience of self-pleasure, the focus is on products for women. So much so that it’s easy to think that men have fallen into their own hands and are drinking a bottle of lube.

That’s a shame, because there really are a lot of great male masturbation aids out there. That’s why men buy a pocket vagina, which is easily the most popular male sex toy in the world. Men who use pocket vaginas enjoy their orgasms more because the ultra-realistic style feels and looks just like the real thing.

These handy little devices allow you to enjoy solo play or mutual masturbation like never before. Of course, what you pull out of your pocket depends on how you use it and how you care for it.

That’s why we’ve created this user guide and operating instructions manual! Here we will cover the different types, how to choose the right one for you, how to care for your sex toy and how to use the device for the most enjoyable experience.

How to use the Pocket Cat – Instructions.
Lubricate the upper part of the penis with a water-based lubricant.
Use your fingers to push the lubricant into the first few inches of the opening.
Twist the erection into the opening until the head enters the interior. Do not pull the opening open with your fingers or it may tear!
Stroke your cock slowly. Do not pull too far or your head will suddenly pop out and you will have to relax a bit again.
You can push in faster because your movements have completely lubricated the tunnel.
To prevent overflowing ejaculation, squeeze the end of the closed pussy pocket vaginal tunnel with your hand.
Rinse well. Complete cleaning and storage instructions are below.
Q: Will it fit my (insert number here) inch long penis?
A: They fit any size. The silicone skin stretches so that when you penetrate the hole, it expands to enclose an erection with the same sensation whether the penis is thin or wide, short or long, large or small. The use of pocket vaginas is common for all men.

Note, however, that smaller handheld toys are less sturdy, so if your erection is thicker than the average toy, avoid the cheaper models as silicone is not as padded and tears more easily. Please choose one of the full size or medium priced toys. Value for money, higher quality pocket pocket vaginas are thicker, stronger and more durable.

Q: Will the head of my cock poke out of the open end?
A: When you read the product description, we list the insertable length (the length that will penetrate the channel). Typically, you would read measurements such as “5 inches insertable”.

Now, if you have a 6 inch dick, then you will have a problem if you have to pop out 1 inch from the open end. In most cases, you won’t pop out the extra inch. Why not? When you push in the pussy toy, the material is stretching outward in your hand, so essentially your movement is elongating the channel.

Stretchy Pocket Vagina
Show how stretchy a pocket vagina really is!
Q. How does sex with a realistic pocket vagina feel?
A. You will experience a ribbed, bumpy or smooth ride. Smooth tunnels have a seamless glide, ribbed tunnels have lots of noticeable texture, and bumpy tunnels tend to make the most realistic sensations.

Vibrating masturbators make a slight buzzing sound, and because the skin absorbs the waves, it is fairly quiet and therefore feels subtle and indirect. Some are equipped with multi-function motors and have a pulsating function that adds to the pleasure.

Inside a woman’s vagina or ass, there are dips and bumps along the canal. High-end life size surreal pocket pocket vaginas have an irregular, soft texture that perfectly mimics the sensation of penetrating a real vagina. If you are asking how to use a pocket pocket vagina and wish to have a pocket vagina that looks exactly like a real vagina, choose a larger model as they will better replicate her body shape.

On full-size toys with vaginal and anal entrance holes, the anus is usually tighter and the vagina looser, which also mimics the contrast between the vaginal and anal genders. The highest quality, most realistic full size vaginal masturbators have different textures in each channel to better mimic sex with women.

Some palm-sized or smaller knockers have one end closed, creating a soft sucking sensation on the head of your penis when you push hard. Most pocket vaginas are open and during use you can squeeze the tip to simulate a tighter vagina.

Q: Should I use lubricant on my pocket vagina?
A: Yes! If not lubricated, the material will rub against your skin when pushed. Having a stronger and more immediate sensation may be nice, but it can be difficult to deal with in the material and cause it to overstretch or even tear.

Always use sex toy lubricant. You don’t need much, just a few drops of lube mixed with a few drops of water. Of course, if you prefer sloppy wetwet sex, feel free to pour on the lube and that’s fine too!
Q: Can I cum inside the toy? How do I clean my pocket vagina?
A: Yes, you can ejaculate. Most men do this. (Technically, they’re classified as masturbators, so you might as well summarize! It adds realism and completes the sexual experience.

They are easy to clean: rinse with soapy water through a tunnel, or rinse with water and spray with antibacterial sex toy cleaner and rinse well. Antibacterial toy cleaners are not as harsh as soap, so they don’t degrade the material as quickly.

It is especially important to clean life-sized pocket vaginal toys with sex toy cleaner because the high-end soft material is more delicate than the cheap hard rubber. Make sure to clean the butt and vagina because even if you don’t use both holes at the same time, lube and semen can still seep into the other entrance hole.

If you don’t use it for a few months, sprinkle talcum powder on the surface. This will act as a barrier, retaining moisture, keeping it flexible, maintaining softness and preventing the material from drying out and/or tearing during use.

If used regularly, there is no need to energize. The powder should be rinsed off before use or it will leave a “cakey” residue on the surface when wet, which is particularly noticeable on black pocket vaginas.

Q: How does a realistic pocket pussy vibrate?
A: If you want more stimulation during erections, buy one of the vibrating pocket cats for sale. The device comes with a separate vibrating motor, usually in the form of a bullet or egg vibrator.

There are 2 common placements for the vibrator.

The vibrator is tucked into the open end of the tunnel (in the exit hole). When you stab the toy, you will feel a wave of vibration on the tip of the cock.
Some models have a small pocket on the lower side of the cat, usually near the anus. Slide the vibrator into this hole. You will feel the vibrations on the bottom of the shaft when the motor is turned on.
Ribbed Pocket Vagina
The dense tunnel adds to the fun.
Q: What are the different types of pocket vaginas and asses?
A: As you can imagine, most types of male adult toys work very similarly. How do I use a pocket pocket vagina? Simple. Insert your penis and stroke or thrust until you reach orgasm. Some pocket vaginas vibrate, or can be inserted into a sleeve or other device to “automate” the process.

Beyond that, the term “pocket vagina” can be deceptive. Many of them are designed to simulate the internal processes of the vagina. You can also purchase a pocket suit that will give you the experience of oral and anal sex.

When you start shopping, you will find that you have many options. Flesh probe lights are long tubes with textured interiors that you can insert into the sleeve.Tenga eggs offer a discreet and hygienic way to masturbate. Some pocket vaginas are designed to resemble the anatomy of various porn stars. Some pocket strokers are closed systems, while others end up open.

Can a pocket pussy really fit in your pocket? Probably not. With the exception of very small “ring” masturbators, most adult toys for boys are about the size of a dildo or vibrator. For this guide, however, we are referring to relatively small and discreet masturbators rather than larger items such as torsos.
Q. What are the benefits of having one?
A. Why would anyone use a pocket vagina mic? Wouldn’t it be easy to use one hand or have sex with a partner? We think the old-fashioned way of masturbating is great. Having sex with a partner is great too, if you can. However, we think that most men could benefit from having at least one pocket masturbator. These are just some of the reasons why.

The fantasy factor is real. Let’s face it. When you use your hand, you’ll never realize you’re getting off. It’s easier to immerse yourself in a fantasy when you’re using an object such as a pocket vagina.
You can experiment with different textures and sensations. Pocket strokers come in a variety of depths and textures that can simulate different levels of friction and intensity. These can simulate different types of sex or provide you with a new experience altogether.
Pocket Cats are discrete and portable. Toss yours in a drawer, keep it in a suitcase, or put it in a box under your bed.
Male sex strikers can be an excellent endurance training tool. If you get into trouble too soon, practice stopping orgasms with a men’s sex toy stroker.
Pocket masturbators are reasonably priced. For less than $100, you can get a nice cat.
Choosing your pocket vagina
How do you know which  Men Masterbator is best for you? First, remember that you can certainly buy more than one. In fact, if you choose a flesh-colored or similar wanker, you can purchase different inserts designed for use with the same sleeve.

Before making your purchase, please consider these other things.

Pocket vagina sizing is important
There are two things to consider about the size of your pocket vagina. The first is the size of the penis. When you purchase a new pocket vagina, you will notice that most will have the largest “holding space”. Measure yourself carefully so you can choose the one that fits you best. Don’t worry about the big guys, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from.