Press Release – The Graduate School at UNC, Chapel Hill | April 3, 2019

The Graduate School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is pleased to announce that it will partner with DHIT, a non-profit education and research institute established to support communities through the process of digital health transformation, to offer a new graduate course in fall 2019.

This course – titled GRAD770: Introduction to Digital Transformation– will be open to UNC-Chapel Hill graduate and professional students. Within this half-semester course, students will learn the principles of open innovation, human-centered design, agile development and lean operations. Michael Levy, co-founder and president of DHIT, will develop and teach the course. Levy, who is also the co-founder and chief executive officer of the digital health agency Bluedoor, has previously served as entrepreneur-in-residence within the UNC Center for Health Innovation.

“Mr. Levy’s leadership in developing and delivering our new course’s content enables The Graduate School to bring applied specialized knowledge directly to our students,” said Leah Townsend, director of Graduate School Professional Programs. “Mr. Levy will bring his expertise in digital strategy, client engagement, change management and more into the classroom, providing innovative opportunities, both for our graduate students and for our certificate program.”

Levy’s lectures will be supplemented by guest speakers sharing their perspectives from industry, Townsend said.

“This course will teach the essential skills and mindset that are critical to drive successful digital transformation by leveraging a new operating model that powers the culture of the 21st century organization,” Levy said. “The ability to practice open innovation across all facets of one’s own life, which we call Agile Living, will prepare students for working in a rapidly changing and digitally-enabled world.”

Registration for GRAD 770 is now open in ConnectCarolina.

Headshot_Michael Levy

Michael Levy, president of DHIT and chief executive officer of Bluedoor