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We are a RELATIONSHIP company. We believe that it’s the relationship people have with themselves, with others, and the world around them that ultimately impacts their health, wellbeing, and happiness. At Bluedoor we specialize in creating, forming, and nurturing relationships with like-minded people and organizations who share our vision and are passionate about making a difference.

Start collaborating with us.

Our Team

Michael Levy
Michael LevyCo-founder
Experienced operator leading major health systems in cultural transformation.
Leyan Phillips
Leyan PhillipsCo-founder
Futurist and innovator for global consumer and healthcare brands.
Tania Malik
Tania MalikInvestor Relations Chief
Seasoned general counsel and serial healthcare entrepreneur.
Emerson Huitt
Emerson HuittChief Technologist
Strategist and system designer specializing in emerging technologies.
Keith Duprey
Keith DupreyVP | Strategic Partnerships
Relationship executive building the Digital Health community.
Meryem Bektas
Meryem BektasSenior Research Associate
Senior Market Analyst with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry
Donald Goodwin
Donald GoodwinChief Grower
Business development specialist with over 30 years of industry experience.

Our Associates & Advisors

Jack Lord, MD
Jack Lord, MDThought leader
Former Chief Innovation Officer at Humana, Jack is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare innovations. He currently serves on the board of several digital health companies, including Dexcom.
Ted DellaVecchia
Ted DellaVecchiaBusiness Transformation Executive
Senior operating executive and CIO for global brands including Starbucks, BCBS and IBM, Ted is currently CEO of Symbotix, an enterprise reinvention firm engaged in digitally transforming healthcare organizations.
John Reites
John ReitesInnovator
Former Head of Digital Health Acceleration at Quintiles and digital health entrepreneur. John is currently Chief Product Officer at THREAD, a remote patient research and care platform.
Tere Calcines
Tere CalcinesDigital Health Specialist
Former EVP and COO at Berg, Tere is an experienced strategic planner with more than 20 years running clinical operations for the Dermatology Department in a major US health system.
Mallesh Murugesan
Mallesh MurugesanTechnologist
Founder and CEO of Abeyon, a human-centered software design firm specializing in the health sector. Mallesh has extensive experience in mobile health technologies and user experience design.
Kaori Sato
Kaori SatoResearch Fellow
Fellow at the Experience Institute in Chicago and former Research Analyst at Duke’s Global Health Institute. Kaori is passionate about human-centered design in healthcare.
Dr. Ian Chuang
Dr. Ian ChuangHealthcare Informaticist
Chief Analytics Officer at Medecision and former Chief Medical Officer at Netsmart. Ian previously led the development of care management and clinical decision support systems at CIGNA.
Dr. Spencer Dorn
Dr. Spencer DornClinician
Vice Chief of Gastroenterology and Associate Professor of Medicine at UNC, Spencer is a nationally regarded physician, clinical administrator and academic with a special interest in health policy and informatics.
William Calhoun
William CalhounGeneral Counsel
Senior Legal Officer with significant leadership experience in two highly-regulated public companies. William has actively participated in acquisitions and divestitures, SEC reporting, and corporate governance.
Nick Jordan
Nick JordanEntrepreneur
Co-founder and CEO of software development firm Smashing Boxes, Nick holds mentorship roles with Groundwork Labs and Startup Health, and is on the board of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development.
Glenn Pearson
Glenn PearsonHealthcare Leader
Principal and founder of Pearson Health Tech Insights, Glenn brings more than 30 years’ leadership experience in healthcare, helping hospitals determine the effectiveness of emerging technologies.
Dr. Myla Bui
Dr. Myla BuiConsumer Health Champion
Founder of Nature’s Trusts and Associate Professor of Marketing at Loyola Marymount University. Myla’s areas of expertise include consumer health and welfare issues and nutritional labeling.
Dr. Robert Furberg
Dr. Robert FurbergDigital Health Specialist
Senior Clinical Informaticist and Research Technologist at RTI International, Robert is helping discover ways to improve healthcare delivery through the use of emerging technologies, including wearables and sensors.
Dr. Thomas Spain
Dr. Thomas SpainClinical Innovator
Director of Practice Improvement and Transformation at MidSouth PTN and Clinical Advisor at Digital Reasoning, Thomas is a systems-minded primary care physician and clinical innovator.
Vikram Natarajan
Vikram NatarajanTechnologist
SVP of technology at Medfusion, Vikram is a health IT technologist with product leadership and operations expertise in consumer and digital health.

Bluedoor Digital Health Internship Program

Sohil Shah
Sohil ShahFounder of greenhatch
UNC undergrad and founder of greenhatch, a digital social enterprise eradicating poverty in the developing world. Sohil is passionate about digital health access and inclusivity.
Vadim Mikhaylyants
Vadim MikhaylyantsMBA Candidate – Duke University Fuqua School of Business
Experience advising multinational healthcare and life sciences companies on the effectiveness of their critical business processes. Vadim is passionate about accelerating healthcare democratization through technology.
Neerali Patel
Neerali PatelMSPH – UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
Experienced in primary care innovations and new care delivery models, Neerali is passionate about creating and collaborating ideas to make a difference in patient lives.
Mason Martin
Mason MartinUNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
UNC undergrad and Kenan-Institute Scholar majoring in business and chemistry, Mason is passionate about researching the intersections of business, medicine, and technology.
Diana Lee
Diana LeePharmD Candidate – UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Former high school English teacher, UNC undergrad, and NYMC grad student, Diana is passionate about increasing cultural competency and healthcare access for underserved communities.
Paige Balint
Paige BalintUNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
UNC Undergrad majoring in Health Policy and Management and minoring in Entrepreneurship. Paige is passionate about promoting innovation, efficiency, and quality in the healthcare space.
Alex Schulte
Alex SchulteUNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
UNC undergrad majoring in Health Policy and Management, and Economics. Alex is interested in utilizing evidence-based practices to help healthcare organizations make better decisions.
Graham Treasure
Graham TreasureFounder, Director at Salud Ahora
Graham graduated from UNC with a degree in Economics. He has experience in healthcare delivery in Latin America.
Walter Winslow
Walter WinslowUNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
UNC undergrad studying Health Policy and Management, Business Administration, and Computer Science. Walter is interested in increasing the role of technology in healthcare delivery to promote increased quality and efficiency.
Michelle Liang
Michelle LiangUNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
Senior at UNC majoring in Health Policy & Management and Economics. Michelle is interested in helping organizations navigate the complex healthcare landscape and deliver the most efficient, high quality care.
Alina Clarke
Alina ClarkeMSPH Candidate – UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
Experienced in human-centered design, Alina is interested impacting healthcare through innovative service delivery models.

Bluedoor Collaborative Partners